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of our template users further customize their Weebly websites with our Add-ons.  Talk about happy customers who want to make their website even more professional & customized!

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…how seamless it is, how amazing my website is looking, and how responsive Jeremy & Connie have been. I’m very impressed overall -They provide a really great product!
The template took 2 minutes to install. Connie and Jeremy are a blessing to have. I absolutely love DivTag Templates… It has made my life a lot easier!
…now my website really looks good. The customer service was phenomenal – really quick responses. Products were really easy to install. I totally recommend them.
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Questions & Answers

Does good website design really matter? Got any evidence?

Based on the scientific research study “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites”, the conclusion is that good website design does have an impact on whether visitors trust your website.


Of all the factors that were mentioned for rejecting or mistrusting a website, 94% were design related; only 6% were content related.  What this means, is that when deciding whether or not they trusted a website, participants mentioned design related issues 15 times more than content related issues.


Here’s a direct quote from the study:


“The look and feel of the website was clearly important to the participants.  Visual appeal, plus design issues relevant to site navigation appeared to exert a strong influence on people’s first impressions of the site.  Poor interface design was particularly associated with rapid rejection and mistrust of a website.  In cases where the participants did not like some aspect of the design the site was often not explored further than the homepage and was not considered suitable for revisiting at a later date…  The main reason that websites were rapidly rejected was due to the design of the interface.  Design issues affected first impressions and could lead to the mistrust of a website.”


Conclusion:  A good website design matters because it inspires trust – visitors will stay longer on your website.

How do I benefit from DivTag Templates?

DivTag Templates can help you get a beautiful and professional website design in just minutes.  We give you step-by-step, detailed installation and customization guides (in video and text formats), and we’ve specifically created them to cater to Weebly users of all skill levels and age groups, so you can also transform your website by yourself – Today!

Do I need a lot of technical knowledge to use your products?

No you don’t.  We understand that not everybody is technically saavy, and so we kept that close to our hearts when we create our products and installation guides.


As long as you can follow step-by-step instructions that we provide, you can install and customize our products.


In addition, our Wiki has an abundance of information and tips to help you every step of the way – you won’t feel lost at all. Or, just email us. We’re here to be helpful!

Are your templates compatible with Weebly? Do I need to be using Weebly Pro?

Our products are 100% compatible with Weebly – we have tested this thoroughly and you can also see some of our customers’ websites using our products.


It does not matter if you are using the free version of Weebly, Weebly Starter plan or  Weebly Pro. Our designs work with all of them.

I have an existing Weebly website. Will I keep all my original / existing website content after I upload your design?

Yes, all your own existing content will be automatically transferred from your existing Weebly website into the new design after you upload our template.  So all your existing website content is safe.


Watch our video here to see us install a template.  You will see that the original website content will be automatically moved into the new template design.  Nothing is lost.

Will Weebly still work the same way after I install your template?

Yes, website building with Weebly’s drag-and-drop function will still be the same.  The only thing that will be different is your new website design!

How will the DivTag's products be delivered to me?

We deliver all our products through email, which will be automatically and immediately sent to you after you purchase.  Download the product by clicking on the secure download link within the email.


The entire process will just take a couple of minutes.  Watch this demonstration video to see what exactly happens when you purchase.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page to see more answers

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