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Scrollboard enables you to uniquely present your business or personal ideas on 1-single page. Crafted for minimalistic yet sophisticated designs, your visitors will stay longer as they will be impressed with your simplistic approach, that's packed with a punch.

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Weebly Templates

Responsive Theme

Responsive themes adjust itself to different screen size and devices to display the website in perfect perspective. Watch How It Works

Weebly Templates

Drag & Drop Main Content

Create your website using Weebly’s Drag & Drop function to insert elements into the content area of the template.

Weebly Templates

Sticky Navigation

The navigation menu bar remains visible at all times even when you scroll up and down the webpages, allowing for easy navigation around your website. Watch How It Works

**This theme allow you to have between 2 to 9 navigation tabs

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Single Page Scrolling Theme

Organized your content in a clean and simple way. The navigation will take you to different section of the page with a smooth scrolling action.  Watch How It Works

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Fixed Background

You can set any images as your own customized background. Watch How It Works

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Multi Background

The multi background image feature allows you to insert a different background image for each page. You can insert up to 9 different pages for this template.

Support & Updates: All DivTag Themes comes with 1 year technical support and theme updates


Browser Compatibility


**Scrollboard is not suitable for Blog sites

**Scrollboard is not suitable for eCommerce sites

**Scrollboard is NOT compatible with our Carousel, Header Plugins or Splash Pages

Scrollboard is compatible with Image Widget and Video Lightbox Widget

You can to customize this template to fit your specific design needs

Click on the image below to enlarge it. Click on  in the top right corner to view the image in full screen


Example websites using this template, created by Weebly users:

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If I didn't discover you and I continued building my site with just what Weebly offers, it wouldn't look half as good as what it looks today. So I couldn't thank you enough...

-- George Tsiattalos, Founder of Everything Connects


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