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DivTag Templates is created by Connie and , and it is our mission to provide Weebly users access to more creative,  beautiful and user-friendly template designs.

In addition to creative Premium Weebly Templates, we’ve also been sharing our journey of testing various drag & drop builders at Website Builder Expert.  Check out our opinion and review on Weebly.

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Our Story

We first came across Weebly when we were building websites for our previous project. Just like most Weebly users, we were a bit clueless on how to code up a website and make it look awesome. Yes… we didn’t know too much about codes…. So we started testing out a few website builders.

We found Weebly and after an exhaustive process of “stress testing” its capabilities to ensure it suited our needs, we concluded that it was hands down the most flexible website builder we’ve tried!  However, a major part of Weebly that we thought needed some improvement or more options, is the design.

Being a bit anal about designs (Connie has a very sharp eye for designs), we decided to search for professional and elegant templates to quench our design thirst.  After searching around and not being completely satisfied with what’s available in the market, we decided to “scratch our own itch” and created DivTag Templates.

Based in the beautiful Pacific coast of Canada, we’re a very lean and passionate company, so we answer every single emails ourselves. We believe in providing top notch customer service (see some of our Testimonials here), not only because it feels awesome to be able to help and make a difference to others, but also because we want to directly tune in to your questions and suggestions so we can continually improve, plus our customers deserve it for putting their trust in us!



Hey there Weebly lovers! This is Connie and I’m responsible for the design and coding of our products. I love beautiful designs and I’ve always had a strong passion for building creative and pretty things :) Prior to DivTag Templates, I was actually working as an interior designer. Great design is something I appreciate and it is a very big part of who I am!  So yup, I’m a design geek :)

In the beginning, we were searching for a suitable website design for our previous project. After weeks of searching I finally purchased 2 generic CSS themes. I discovered how frustrating it was searching for great looking designs that are also compatible with Weebly. It really shouldn’t be so difficult!

First of all, most of the templates out there are pretty “cookie cutter” and flat out boring (just being truthful – I love design!!). The websites that I loved were all custom built themes, which after some extensive research, could cost up to thousands of dollars to be built by professional designers and developers. Traditional templates come with complicated and poorly written installation guides, which made my life a living hell (Jeremy could testify to this as I pretty much used him as my punching bag :P)!  Most importantly, none of the templates out there were compatible for Weebly!

It was then that I decided to roll up my sleeves, invest time, and just create our own perfect theme for our project. I wanted to have more control over the creative and functionality aspects of website design, and this is the only way that will allow me to do that. Anyway, after investing and committing well over a thousands hours to learn and develop my design and coding skills, I’m so excited to be able to design for Weebly users.

The best part of my day is knowing our creations helped other people who had the same problem as we did! It is also great getting constructive feedback from our visitors and customers. I love to hear praises (well who doesn’t?!  LOL), but I am also receptive to improvement points. It’s a continuous growing process for me, and I want to keep improving!

So please check out the designs and let me know what you think! I really hope you like them!


I love…. beautiful furniture.  Just love them!

I must have…. Caramel Macchiato!  Bloody expensive though :S

I wish I could…. build my own furniture.  Ikea inspires me!


Hi there Weebly users, it’s Jeremy here. Thanks for visiting our website and I sincerely hope you like what you see and that we can be helpful in your Weebly design needs.

As a co-Founder of DivTag Templates with Connie, my role is to primarily take care of everything outside of coding and design (basically staying OUT of Connie’s way!)  From business planning (basically understanding Weebly users’ needs and coming out with ideas to satisfy them), to creating Weebly tutorials, marketing, customer support and communications, SEO, website maintenance and the dreaded administrative tasks :) Basically, to keep the ship together and on course, while Connie cranks out killer designs for you all!

My background is actually quite different from Connie’s. I have a corporate finance, business development and accounting background (yeah yeah I’m a numbers geek) and secretly, even though Connie denies this, I think I could potentially be a better designer than her (Shhhh!!! :P)

I’ve always wanted to do something more meaningful, to help others and to make a difference.  So Connie and I set off on various projects (while learning how to build websites online) to try to discover something that will make us jump out of bed every single morning, instead of curling up inside the warm bed, dreading yet another cold day.

When we started DivTag Templates, I loved it. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was not fully convinced about DivTag Templates, until we received our very first “Thank You” email from one of our very first customers. I was deeply impacted by that email, as it felt really special to be able to make even a micro difference to another person’s life. There was no turning back after that point and we both embraced serving our customers with open arms and enthusiasm!

Want to know what my voice sounds like? Just listen to our video tutorials!  People always tell me that I have a nice “radio voice”… but you all know what that implies…. nevermind…  I wonder if we’ll ever put ourselves in any of our future videos…. We’ll see!


I love…. nature and sunshine.  Who doesn’t??

I must have…. coffee everyday.  Plain, dark roast.

I wish I could…. see colors properly.  I’m actually slightly colorblind.

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