Weebly Users Success Stories

Watch what Weebly Users have to say about us. They were so happy with our products and support that they created videos sharing their success stories with you.

They have not been compensated or paid in any way for their testimonies. They’re just happy customers!

Jason Bilbrey
eCommerce Business Owner

“…how seamless it is, how amazing my website is looking, and how responsive Jeremy & Connie have been. I’m very impressed overall -They provide a really great product!”

Amanda Brown
Certified Herbal Counselor

“The template took 2 minutes to install. Connie and Jeremy are a blessing to have. I absolutely love DivTag Templates… It has made my life a lot easier!”

George Tsiattalos
Founder of Everything Connects

“If I didn’t discover you and I continued building my site with just what Weebly offers, it wouldn’t look half as good as what it looks today. So I couldn’t thank you enough…”

Keith Andrews
Online Business Owner

“…now my website really looks good. The customer service was phenomenal – really quick responses. Products were really easy to install. I totally recommend them.”

Pat Ohta
Sales & Marketing

“I’m very impressed with DivTag Templates, it’s very easy to use, and now we have a very stylish and professional looking website without any effort on my part. I recommend DivTag Templates.”

Wendy Sloneker
Writer and Blogger

“I found the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the installation guides really valuable. I’m happy to spend a little bit of money to give myself that guidance and support.”

Colin Maddocks

“I highly recommend them. Jeremy & Connie have been great helps and nothing is too much trouble. It has been a great experience working with them, and I will continue using them in the future.”

Zhanna T.

“I was unsatisfied with the template selection that Weebly has… I contacted Jeremy and Connie and they were very very helpful in helping me create a unique feel to my website. Definitely give them a try!”

Brian T.
Social Media Consultant

“The templates are easy to customize… I’ve never had any formal training in coding… I followed the very simple and informative tutorials. Give it a try… you will see how easy it really is.”

Allan Svendsen
Blogger / Business Owner

“I wrote Jeremy from DivTag Templates and he was really fast in giving me the answer I needed. It’s great, it’s fantastic, I love it. I think you should try it out. It just looks amazing. So easy to work with.”

Ryan Felton
Media Business Owner

“Jeremy and Connie have done an amazing job of making their templates easy to use, install and aesthetically pleasing. I promise you you will like them. Take my word for it – try them out!”

Stephan Devos
Business Owner

“Easy to integrate into Weebly. I save time… it’s affordable – not expensive, and they have good support. In conclusion, DivTag Templates is definitely highly recommended.”

Terry Alve
Website Designer

“I regularly build websites on Weebly and have done so for 5 years. DivTag Templates knows Weebly back to front, and they have a range of high quality templates that will significantly improve your Weebly website.”

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