SwitchBox Splash Page

SwitchBox Splash Page

One-time fee

Splash Page Features

  • Customizable Background – Insert any image as your splash page background
  • Choose between 2 to 8 slide images – You can choose to display 2 to 8 slide images.
  • Drag & Drop Content – Drag & drop any Weebly elements into the content area directly below the built-in slider of the splash page.
  • One Slide Image Upload – Insert your slide image with a simple click.
  • One Click Splash Page Logo – Insert splash page logo will a simple click. The logo will not appear if you choose to not have a logo in your splash page.
  • Responsive Design – Fully responsive design that make page display perfectly in any monitor and devices.
  • Camouflage Navigation Bar – Your navigation bar will not be displayed in this splash page. The navigation bar will only appear when you are in editing mode, so you can navigation around your website when editing and/or building your website.
Splash Page Features

Splash Page Restriction

  1. You cannot use DivTag widgets inside our splash pages
  2. A splash page is not a standalone theme, and has to be used with a theme
  3. You can only have ONE splash page per theme
  4. If you want to use our splash page with a non-DivTag theme, make sure the theme does NOT have an existing splash page already:


DivTag's Weebly Splash Page / Landing Page is compatible with ALL Weebly Templates (including DivTag's Weebly templates).

Package includes:
Step-by-step installation instructions & customization guides in video and text format. Get up and running in minutes

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