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Q: When I upload the Template, I received this error message: “Zip file missing main_style.css” or “Invalid File Type: Only .Zip Files Are Accepted”

A:  This happens when you are uploading the wrong file.  When you are importing a template, make sure that you are uploading the template file called “”, and NOT the entire download package file that you (what you download from the download link in the email you receive after you purchased the product).  Click here for more information.


Q: After I installed your products and updated them with my own pictures, they don’t show up after I publish.  Why?

A:  Have you tried clearing up your browser’s cache?  Sometimes browsers retain old temporary internet files / cache so when a person visits the website again, the site will load a lot faster.  Try clearing your browser’s cache and reload the website again.  Here’s some information on how to clear your cache.


Q: After installing the Template, how do I choose different header sizes or different page layouts?

A:  To choose different page layouts (and different header sizes), you need to set / designate each webpage with a Page Layout.  Click here to see how to set / designate a Page Layout for each of your webpages to get different header sizes.


Q: I want to remove / modify the DivTag footer credit from the template.  How do I do that?

A:  Here are the instructions on how to remove or modify the footer credit


Q: Why the code file look weird and nothing like our guide when I use TEXTEDIT in Apple MAC?

A: MAC don’t handle plain text document very well, and sometimes the codes will display corrupted like your screenshot. There are 3 option for mac users. View Support Guide


Q:  I want to Customize some areas of the Template , can you help me?

A:  All the features of our Templates that are customizable are included in the installation guides, which reflect the areas that we specify under the “Customizable” tab on each of our template product pages.

Generally, all of our pre-made templates are sold “as is”.  While we try to show customers how to make as much custom changes as practical, it is practically impossible to show step by step how to make all the changes available in the world of codes.

While you are free to customize it as you wish, we will not be able to help you customize changes that are not presented in the “Customizable” tab in our template product pages.  Please see our Customization Policy for further details.  You can always hire a developer or programmer to assist you with the changes that you like.


Q: I’ve inserted some custom codes or non-DivTag widget into the template. Now some of the features don’t work properly.

A: If you inserted some of your own codes (not from our customization tutorials) or a widget that was created by someone else, that may be conflicting with our products’ codes.  Simply remove your own custom codes or the widget from your website, and it should remove the code conflicts.  Or simply re-install our original template, then all of our template functions will work just fine.

Our products are coded specifically in accordance to the way we designed them, and we are happy to support you on any technical issues regarding our products in its original, un-altered form, or if you have any issues using our un-altered products with Weebly elements.

While you are free to customize any of our products as you wish, once custom changes are made, you will be responsible for any issues you may experience as a consequence of your modifications.

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  • For all CUSTOMIZATION QUESTIONS, the only areas that we have customization instructions for are outlined in the “Customizable” tab in our products pages – So unfortunately we will not have instructions beyond customizable areas we highlight in the product pages.  Please refer to our Customization Policy for more details.

We also have answers to these questions in our FAQ page!