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How it Works

  • You spend countless hours creating blog posts for your readers,  your blog has to look professional to add more credibility to yourself.  Our Blog Element Skins allow you to give your blog a design makeover and a much more professional look
  • Your blogging functions will not change – the way you create blog posts is the same as before, except your blog will look much better and professional
  • If you already have a blog, none of your posts will be lost after you install the blog element skins
  • Our Blog Element Skin works on all Weebly websites. It is as simple as plug & play
  • When you purchase you will receive all 5 styles.  Choose one of the 5 display styles and simply follow our detailed step-by-step guide to insert the codes.  In less than a minute, you will have a new blog design ready for your readers
Important Notice: This Skin is only compatible with our templates, and cannot be used in combination with other DivTag Widgets and/or Header Plugins in the same web page (they can be in the same website, just not on the same page).  This widget is not compatible with Drops, Scrollboard, Hide & Seek, and Storyboard Themes!


  • 5 blog display options. You get all 5 styles – try them all out and choose the one that works best for you to apply to your Weebly blog site
  • Customizable Tab color (only for Styles 1, 2 and 5): You can customize the color of tabs and text for Style 1, Style 2 and Style 5 to match your website color scheme.

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Skin Style Options

Weebly Blog Skin Style 1Weebly Blog Skin Style 2Weebly Blog Skin Style 3Weebly Blog Skin Style 4Weebly Blog Skin Style 5

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