Are you a Weebly Designer?

Attention Weebly Designers

I love using DivTag Templates! As a freelance graphic designer, they allow me to bring a level of professionalism to my clients that I haven’t found anywhere else. They are incredibly easy to use which helps me focus on getting the design customized so my clients are happy! On top of it all, the technical support has been above and beyond my expectations. I’m thrilled to have DivTag as one of my favorite tools in my toolbox.

– Kris Jones, Creative Director, Red Door Designs

Are you pitching website designs and website creation using Weebly to try to get more business and clients?

If so, we can help!

We understand that our Preview / Demo sites have references to DivTag Templates or even Weebly, and that you may not want some of your clients to see them.

So we’ve removed all such references, and created a package of “White Label” images of our template designs, so you can freely use the images as part of your pitch material.

Here are some highlights on how this can help you win more business:

  • Show off the website design images as part of your portfolio of designs
  • Post the “White Labeled” designs on your website for visitors to see
  • Easily email the images to leads / potential clients – super convenient
The content areas of the “White Labeled” images are intentionally blank, so you can insert your own creative designs (based on your understanding of your clients or potential clients) into the content areas when you showcase them.


When we come out with new design templates, we’ll just add the “White Labeled” design images to the package and send them out to you, so you can add them to your portfolio.

On a serious note, I want to thank you for all you are doing. At the end of the year I am stepping down from a full time job that I have had for 8 years and going into web design full time. Your products are making this process much more manageable and I am deeply thankful for all you and Connie do.  This is no small thing. Thank you.

– Mark Collier, Owner, Big Blue Designs 

To receive our most current package, simply sign up below, confirm your email address, and the access to the package will be emailed to you right away.  When we have updates, we’ll email them directly to you.


We are also thinking of creating products tailored to help designers like you expand your business.  So be sure to sign up for our newsletter (sign up box below) so we can stay in touch with you!

If you have any suggestions, just contact us!

Thanks to DivTag Templates, I have been able to break into the web design business without any website building training. My job has always kept me involved with maintaining other company’s websites with their back end tools but now, I can build complete custom websites from scratch for many different clients. I have purchased several DivTag templates and have several happy clients because of them. Thanks Connie & Jeremy!

– Paul Thompson, Founder & President, 72 Advertising, Inc.

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