Swiper Full Screen Slider for Vertical Themes

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Swiper Full Screen Slider for Vertical Themes

Swiper slides images & content from side to side.

  • Choose between 2 to 8 slide display – You to display 2 to 8 slides*
  • Independent slide images for each page – Each page can have different set of slide images. So you can use Swiper in more than one page and have them display completely different sets of slide background images for every page**
  • 1-Click Page Section background image upload – Upload your slide background image with a click of a button**
  • Independent drag & drop slide content area –  Each slide allow you to drag & drop independent content. Each page using Swiper Splash Page allow you to have different content in different pages
  • Auto centring content – content will automatically centre vertically in the middle of the page
  • Auto Play & Manual Play options – You can choose to use manual play or autoplay
  • Customizable slide transition time – You can set the time each image pauses before transitioning to the next image

*All pages using Swiper will have the SAME number of slides. Each page change have its independent slide images and slide content. But the number of slide will be the same!
**This feature is ONLY available for Swiper Plugin purchased AFTER May 11, 2015

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