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weebly widgetsWhy would you possibly consider adding widgets into a Weebly website?

There are many critical benefits, but before we discuss them, let’s explain what is a widget.

A widget is basically a useful application that you can embed into a webpage where it adds more value to your page – or simplistically, makes it better.

It is typically not purely used for decoration or design purposes, but it is usually very functional in presenting information.

This is why adding a widget to your Weebly website can take your website to the next level and give your visitors a much more fuller experience.

Benefits of using Widgets in Weebly

Here are some benefits to adding Widgets to your Weebly website:

1) Add visitor engagement to your website – so your visitors will stay longer and absorb your website more effectively

2) Aggregate your information or content into a focused location – it’s all about presenting information effectively

3) Make your website stand out from the crowd – it’s all about differentiating your website from others!

4) Grow your audience base – if you have a widget that can do the 3 points above, it makes it hard to NOT grow your visitors!

What makes a good widget?

There are many forms of widgets available for Weebly websites.  But as I mentioned above, there are usually 2 important ingredients:

i) Widgets have to present useful information

ii) They have to be interactive and look good

Examples of Widgets for Weebly

At the time when I’m writing this post, DivTag Templates has 2 widgets that you can add to your Weebly website to make it more attractive to your visitors:

1) Image Widget – This widget allows you to add images with sliding content overlay into your webpages.  It can make your pictures more interactive, and add text / content and buttons into the images.  The content will only be displayed when you point your mouse cursor over the image, making it very interactive, and pleasing to the eye.

2) Carousel Widget – A carousel is something that rotates in a circular motion.  DivTag’s carousel widget can help you present your content in a scrolling motion so it’s really interactive and makes your website look very customized.  It’s great to display your portfolio, products, testimonials, real estate listings, etc.


So if you’re looking to improve your website, add more visitor engagement (if you’re trying to sell something, this can translate into more sales), and just making your website feel more customized and making it better than your competitors or your peers, you should take a look at inserting widgets into your Weebly website.

Get started by previewing some of our Premium Weebly widgets, you’ll see exactly how they can benefit you and your website.

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About divtag

DivTag Templates is created by Connie and Jeremy Wong. We provide you with designer Weebly themes to rock your Weebly website!

Your website will Look Better, Your visitors will Stay Longer. Minutes to Setup, Extensive Support - Ninja Coding Skills NOT Required!

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