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Just to follow up with our discussion on iPage templates, I want to show you some real life examples of our DivTag Weebly templates being used by some of these non-Weebly hosts.

Just as a quick refresher, there are a variety of host providers such as BluehostiPage, Netfirms, Fatcow, iPower, etc, which utilizes Weebly’s drag and drop website builder platform as part of their services.

The main benefit of subscribing to these non-Weebly hosts, is that not only would you be able to use Weebly’s website building tools, but you also gain access to some other value added tools such as email services, marketing tools and also live chat support.

As mentioned in the iPage templates post, some drawbacks include that you would need to pay the non-Weebly host a monthly fee (whereas you can use Weebly as a host for free), and that some of these non-Weebly hosts may not necessarily have the most updated tools and features as Weebly releases them.

Nevertheless, if you are wondering whether our DivTag templates are compatible with iPage, Netfirms, Fatcow, iPower and Bluehost, the answer is YES – our products are fully compatible!

Don’t believe us? In the short video below we’ll show you some real life websites built by these non-Weebly hosts, yet using our DivTag templates.


So if you are using one of these hosting services, and was wondering if our templates are compatible, now you know! If you have any other questions, you can always Contact Us and we’ll be glad to answer any queries you have.

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