What If I Want To Make Custom Changes or Add Other Widgets To Your Templates?
  • Q: I know a little bit about coding and I want to put through some changes to the DivTag codes to tailor the design, is that ok? A: As part of our after-sale services, DivTag offers guidance to support minor alterations that do not involve in changing of HTML and/or CSS coding at no extra costs. As we are a pre-made templates provider, if the alterations involve changes to the codes that result in changing the intended design/layout of the template, it will considered a customized design. As such, for customized design requests, please read the next Q&A for customize template design.

  • Q: Can you help me make customize changes to DivTag templates? A: Our DivTag templates are pre-made and are sold as they are. We realize that some of our customers may want to make changes to our templates, but we normally do not offer these customization services. Nevertheless, we try to offer limited customization services to our customers for a service charge. Please email us (remember include your website address) and we can decide whether we can do the changes for you.

    Bear in mind that all customizations are not a "flip of a switch" and requires time and detailed attention. As such, any customization work that we undertake for a service fee will be on a limited and selective basis.

    We do have a small customization tips section in our Wiki. Click here to see if any of them may apply to you.

  • Q: What is considered to be customized changes? A: Here is a list of common requests we get from our customers:

    - Change the color of the Navigation Bar and hover color (some of our templates allow for this customization and instructions are provided)
    - Move the location of the Navigation Bar or change the size of the Navigation Bar
    - Change the width of the content area (where you insert your elements)
    - Change the width of the template

    All of these changes will require service fees, and depend on the complexity of the specific alternation. The availability and service charges of our customization services are subject to our discretion and availability. Just email us (remember include your website address)

  • Q: Where can I find freelancers / coders to help me with customizations? A: You can find a lot of capable freelancing coders on Elance or oDesk. You can sign up for free, set up a job / project, and freelancers will bid on your job based on your project description.

    You don't have to pay anything until you hire a freelancer.

  • Q: What if I make some custom changes to DivTag products and as a result, the products are not functioning properly? Will DivTag fix them? A: Our products are coded specifically in accordance to the way we designed them, and we are happy to support you on any technical issues regarding our products in its original, un-altered form.

    While you are free to customize any of our products as you wish, once custom changes are made, you will be responsible for any issues you may experience as a consequence of your modifications.

    If the original codes are altered and you require support, we suggest that you re-install our products to revert to the original product form.

  • Q: I added non-DivTag widgets(s) into DivTag products and something broke. Can you fix it? A: Since DivTag products and non-DivTag products are coded differently, it is very hard for us to control whether other developers' products would be compatible with ours or not.

    In general, we test all of our own products and we know our own products are 100% compatible with each other (or else we will fix them) and our products are also 100% compatible with Weebly - we guarantee this.

    So a general rule of thumb is to be very cautious if you are inserting other developers' codes as it may cause conflicts with Weebly (since the other developers may not have created the products specifically for Weebly) or with our products (the other developer may not have tested their products with our products).

    As we have no control over other developers' codes, we will not be responsible for trouble shooting non-DivTag codes. If you run into conflicts (something's not working after you install other people's products into ours), the best way is to remove their products so everything goes back to normal. Or another way is to simply re-install our products.

  • Q: I bought a template from another template provider and want to convert it to Weebly compatible template. Can you do that? A: DivTag is a template provider and we do not offer customized design solution or template conversion services at the moment.