How Do DivTag’s Templates and Add-ons Work on Weebly?
  • Q: How do your products work? A: Our products are intended to work with Weebly website builder and is not compatible with other Website building platform. Visit our "How It Works" page to see how it all works – Click Here

  • Q: Will all my content remain when I switch to DivTag custom themes? A: All the content in your drag & drop area will remain when you change themes. Our theme works the same way as any Free Weebly theme. When you change from theme to theme, your content will remain. However header images, background images or any customization made to the theme codes will not transfer from theme to theme.
  • Q: Will I be able to use all the tools in Weebly builder? A: Yes. DivTag themes work with all Weebly native website builder tools. **Please note DivTag themes CANNOT unlock tools available only for specific Weebly plans. For example, if you like to use premium tools like ecommerce tools, the Weebly plan you are using MUST be able to a busniness plan.
  • Q: Will your Header Plugins and Widgets work with Weebly's original standard templates or my own designs? A: Our Header Plugins and Widgets are built to function only with selected DivTag templates. Please check each specific template's product page to see which Header Plugin they specifically support, and each Widget's product page to see which template the widget does not work with.

    For other Add-on's (such as Splash Pages and Element Skins), please see the next FAQ item below.

  • Q: Will your Splash Pages and Element Skins work with all Weebly templates? A: Our Splash Pages and Element Skins are fully compatible with all original Weebly templates provided by Weebly and also our Premium DivTag templates, except for our All In One templates as these templates already have add-on's pre-build into them.

  • Q: Do the basic DivTag templates include any Add-ons in them? A: Our Mix N Match templates will not have any add-on's built in. If you would like to add DivTag Add-ons to a DivTag template, simply add them to the shopping cart together with your chosen template.

    If you purchase our All In One templates, these templates already have add-on's pre-build into them.

  • Q: How many DivTag Header Plugins can I insert into a Mix n Match DivTag Weebly template? For example, can I have 2 plugins installed in a DivTag template? A: You can only insert 1 DivTag Header Plugin into each Mix n Match DivTag template that is compatible with Header Plugins (please refer to each template product page to see which plugins that template supports). You can designate which webpages to display the plugin by choosing the Plugin Page Layout.

    If you purchase our All In One templates, these templates already have multiple header plugins pre-build into them.

  • Q: How come your templates and demo sites look different across different internet browsers? A: We optimize our templates and add-on's to be compatible with the most up-to-date versions of internet browsers (including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari ). As such, if you are browsing our templates and plugin's with an older browser (such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8), you may find certain spots where it seems slightly "off". Please update your browsers and everything should be fine.

    As coding / web design technology continues to advance, our products progresses with them and we will continually adopt the new updates and ensure our products remain compatible with the latest versions of the web browsers.

  • Q: Are your products compatible with mobile devices? A: All our All In One templates are mobile responsive templates.

    A lot of our Mix n Match templates are also mobile responsive. Just visit our Mix n Match template page and select the "Responsive Theme" box to sort for these templates.
  • Q: Are your products real and legitimate? A: Absolutely Yes. See our Showcase Section to see real people using our templates and plugin's. Also visit our Facebook Page to see some of our customers' feedbacks. We also created Weebly tutorials for you all. Not sure how the purchasing process works? Watch this demonstration video. We are definitely real and are here to provide you with tips and beautiful Weebly designs!

  • Q: What if I'm using Weebly through another host (e.g. iPage, Fatcow, Bluehost, Hostgator, Netfirms, JustHost,, etc)? Can I use your templates? A: If you are using Weebly through another hosting platform (and not directly), all of our products (except for our All In One templates) should be compatible with your website.

    Please check each product's page to see if there are any additional compatibility notes. For instance, some of our premium templates may require you to email us after you purchase the template so we can send you the version of the template that works with your specific host.

    Do note that some non-Weebly hosts may require you to upgrade your account with them before allowing new templates to be imported. We suggest you check with your host provider to find out more details with regards to the template import function and your arrangement with your host is beyond our jurisdiction.

    We actually highly suggest you using directly, as they are constantly improving their own platform. All of the other hosting services that provide Weebly are very outdated. Further, the support you get from them are from their generic support team. If you use directly, you get support directly from Weebly.

    Please contact us for further details if you wish.