Sales & Licensing Policies
  • Q: If I purchased a DivTag product once, can I use it for 2 or more websites? A: When you purchase a DivTag product (i.e. template, plugin, widget, splash page, skin, etc), you will receive a one time usage license for each of the DivTag product that you purchase. This allows you to use each individual product type on only one single website, and this website is either your own or your client's (if you are a website designer). If you plan to use a DivTag product again on another website or project, you will need to purchase the product again.

    The reason is that we put a lot time, sweat commitment and creativity into creating and maintaining our products. If you are already a customer, you know that we pride ourselves in providing top notch and timely customer support - customer support is always one of our top priorities. This takes up a lot of resources from us ( We're only a 2 person team! ) So in order for us to continue to provide first class support, we really need our customers to support us!

    For example, if you purchased Motion Theme, Tumble Header and Hype Splash Page, you can use each of these products on only one website. You cannot use Motion Theme, Tumble Header and Hype Splash Page again in another website or project, either individually or in any forms of combinations with any other products of ours (e.g. purchase Fiction Theme and re-use the previously purchased Tumble Header again on a different website / project).

    **For any customer who violates DivTag's license policy, DivTag have the authority to cease any support and/or update for the all customer's websites.
  • Q: What is your Sales Policy? A: We offer you a Money Back Technical Guarantee for every product sold by us. If our products do not function technically as intended and disclosed, we will fix the problem - we guarantee this. If we can not fix it, we will gladly refund your purchase price. Each of our product has a fully functional "Preview" running on Weebly's platform which you could see exactly how the product works.

    Since we are offering intangible and irrevocable digital goods, we will only offer refunds if our products were technically flawed and that we could not fix them. For example, the reason of changing your approach about the design subsequent to your purchase would not qualify as a technical flaw.

    If you have any other questions prior to purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us here

  • Q: If I purchased the wrong product, can I exchange it? A: Purchasing the wrong product is preventable if you double check your purchases in the shopping cart :) All the items could be viewed in the shopping cart and you would have the opportunity to double check them prior to purchasing.

    Due to the digital nature of our products, we normally will not be able to facilitate any exchanges. So please double check the content in your shopping cart prior to purchasing - you will have the opportunity to do so prior to completing your purchase.

    Also for our DivTag Plugins, as per our Plugin Product Page, each DivTag template may only be compatible with certain plugins. Please check your desired template page for all the compatible plugins.

  • Q: Can I resell DivTag products? A: No, you cannot resell any of our products due to legal and creative copyrights.

  • Q: What if you update your products? Do I get these updates too? A: Whenever Weebly updates their platform and codes, we will update our products as well to ensure that our products will continue to be compatible with Weebly. Whenever we perform updates to our products due to this reason, we are happy to provide these updates to the products you purchased as well, free of charge.