Questions on Installation
  • Q: How do I install / upload the DivTag products on to my Weebly account? A: As part of the package that you will download on to your computer, we have included a step-by-step installation guide that will walk you through the setup process. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete the simple installation process for each product. Click here to watch a demonstration video.

  • Q: I tried installing your products but it did not work? Help! A: Make sure you read our Installation Guides in detail. Follow each installation step exactly as they are written. This is VERY IMPORTANT as a slight deviation from our installation steps may result in installation problems.

    The most common mistake that render the uploading of template or plugin to fail is part of the code was accidentally deleted during the installation process – be careful not to accidentally delete codes unless instructed in our Installation Guides. If you did, re-upload the installation files again to restore all the codes, and try again.

    If you having trouble installing your template/plugin/add-ons, contact us and let us know which step you are stuck on. It is also helpful if you can test publish what you have so far and send us your site's url. We can then check to see if you are on the right track.
  • Q: When I tried to upload your template into Weebly using Weebly's Import Theme function, I received this error message: "Error: Zip archive missing main_style.css" A: This happens when you are uploading the wrong zip file. When you are importing a template, make sure that you are uploading the template file called "", and NOT the entire download package file that you (what you download from the download link in the email you receive after you purchased the product).

    Click here for more trouble shooting information.

  • Q: I tried to edit the background image and header image on my template and plug-in, but it is not working! A: There are 2 common mistakes when uploading customized images:

    1) The names of the image files are incorrect. It is very important that the image files are named correctly as per our Installation Guide. The name of the image files are case sensitive, so make sure the images are named with "small caps" only. See the correct file names in our Installation Guides that comes along with our template / plugin packages.

    2) The other common mistake is your images are saved in the wrong image format. Make sure the image files are in the correct format (jpg, png, or gif) as instructed in our Installation Guides.

  • Q: I have successfully uploaded my custom images, but they don't fit! A: Every template has its own set of measurements. For example, a header image file that fits for Fiction theme will be different for Society theme. It is important to make sure your image files are the right size for that particular template and or plugin.

    You can find the sizes of the images in our "Read Me Before Installation" guide that comes with the download package when you purchase a template or plugin.

  • Q: I like the text titles on the images for Shift Slider plugin. How do I get the text on my images? A: All the text that you see on our images for the Shift Header plugin are created using Photoshop. It is simple to recreate the text title effect using any basic image editors that come installed with your computer operating systems. If you do not know how to use image editors, there are many online tutorials available to you for free.

  • Q: Can you install my theme, header plugin, widget, skin, or splash page for me? A: All of our product was create to be easily install without any knowledge of coding. If you having problem installing the plugin we are happy to walk you through the process. Contact us and let us know which step you are stuck on. It is also helpful if you can test publish what you have so far and send us your site's url. We can then check to see if you are on the right track.

    For customers who want us to help them install our DIY product, we do provide premium installation support for $18.99. We will install all DivTag products on one website within 1 business day. For more information about our premium installation service, please contact us.