Template Updates & Technical Support
  • Q: What is your template update & support policy? A: Each template includes 1 year of free, unlimited updates and technical support.

  • Q: Do I have to pay annual or repeated fees for support? A: No you do not. All of our products are 1-time purchases. So you only need to pay once and you don't have to pay ever again. *

    All of our products come with 1 year technical support and updates. So any time within the year, you can email us at any time for support.

    * Please see "What if after 1 year support / updates expire, Weebly makes a big update and the template no longer works well with Weebly's updates?" below for information about theme/product updates after the 1 year support have expired.

  • Q: When & Why do you update your templates? A: We update our templates for 2 main reasons:

    (1) As Weebly make changes to their website builder (usually a few times a year), we also update our products to ensure they remain 100% compatible with Weebly – so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of our templates on your website.

    (2) We are continuously innovating and adding new features and functions to our templates. Getting the latest template to incorporate the new features into your website can help you improve your website.

  • Q: What if after 1 year support / updates expire, Weebly makes a big update and the template no longer works well with Weebly's updates? A: Once the 1 year support / update period has past, you will need to purchase the template again from us to get all the newest features and updates.

    Weebly is always updating their platform with new website building features and codes (to remain on the cutting edge of technology). As such, we also need to update our products accordingly and this involves an enormous amount of effort on our side to adopt to Weebly's new changes into our products, as well as "stress test" them to ensure that they are working properly under multiple usage scenarios.

    Not to forget to mention, we're always updating our codes to ensure that they are using the latest code "best practices"!

  • Q: Do you support Internet Explore 8 or older browser? A: We optimize our templates and add-on's to be compatible with the most up-to-date versions of internet browsers (including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari ). Unfortunately all of our plugins and themes do not support IE 8 or older browser.

    For people who are using older computer, we encourage then to use Chrome of Firefox to allow the theme and plugin to function normally.