How to Create an Amazing Website using Weebly

Watch how to use Weebly tools effectively to create a beautiful Weebly website.  We show you tips and tricks on how to build a professional looking layout. If you want to know how we created some of our demo sites, this is the video to watch!

Here is a video of tips and tricks of how we build a Weebly website with a DivTag Weebly theme. Some of you saw our DivTag Weebly theme demo sites and have asked us how they were built. Enough people asked us about this so we decided to put together a quick video tutorial.

The beginning portion of the video covers some very basic steps to getting started.  Once you get to the middle of the video, that’s where we start to do some creative things that you just may not have thought of before!

This video is intended for all levels of Weebly users. If you’re new to Weebly, we hope you find this very useful.  If you’re a Weebly veteran, you just might pick up a couple of tips.  Enjoy!

Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 22 min

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