How to Install a New DivTag Weebly Template

Watch how simple it is to install a new DivTag Weebly template. Just a few clicks to a brand new template!

This video will show you how easy, quick and simple it is to install a Weebly Template even if you do not know HTML or CSS. We’ll walk you through, step-by-step, on how to install a DivTag Weebly Template in just Minutes. It’s a very simple follow-along and I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

Customizable Areas:

Each template has its own unique set of Customizable Area (they are listed out in each template’s product page). We include tutorials on how to customize these areas for each template.  Your website does NOT have to look the same as everybody else’s. Customize and personalize it – to make it your own!

Watch this video for a quick overview:


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