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weebly infographic build websiteWeebly recently produced an infographic about website presence in the United States as of 2013.  The infographic (see below) highlights how many people (mainly small organizations such as businesses and non-profits) still don’t have websites.

We find the following statistics very interesting, and was a bit shocked at the same time.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • 58% of businesses still don’t own a website
  • 40% of non-profit organizations still don’t have a website
  • 56% of consumers don’t trust a business without a website
  • 75% of consumers don’t start websites due to the lack of confidence that they can create a high quality website
  • 67% of Weebly users started because they either wanted to conduct business online, or grow their existing businesses to get more customers

Easy Way to Grow Your Business

Not only do the majority of small businesses don’t have a website (which is shocking in our view), one of the key reasons for not having a website is due to the lack of confidence of creating a high quality website (which is not shocking).

Based on Weebly’s research, if creating a simple yet professional website can help you grow your business, this is probably one of the best, and easiest thing you can do to grow your business right now.

Weeby makes it easy to build functional and professional websites and you don’t need a dedicated team of experts that may charge you a lot of money to do so.

The secret to doing this?  Keep It Simple.

We think that most business owners try to do too much to their websites.  This over-complicates things and increases your chances of being disappointed.   We all see really fancy websites out there and we try to replicate those fancy features.

But keep in mind that leading large websites have armies of designers and programmers, and a budget that’s bigger than you and your uncle’s mortgages to build their websites.  You’d be silly to try to benchmark yourself against these big guys!

Secret to Building an Effective Website

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

This is a tried and true saying, and is relevant and applicable to almost anything and everything that you do.  Trying to over-complicate things can lead to disappointment.  This is not to say that you should not hold yourself accountable to high standards, but there is a very clear distinction between high standards, and complicated standards.

Keeping things minimalistic is key.  Get your message across, include only your most important information.  People surfing the internet nowadays have very short attention spans.  So only feed them what they need to know to help them make decisions – nothing more.

As Richard Branson famously said: “Complexity is your enemy.  Any fool can make something complicated.

Keep It Simple, and build a website to grow your audience.

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, start now.  56% of consumers don’t trust businesses that don’t have a website.  This can be an easy way for you to get more sales and grow your business.  Weebly makes it easy for you to build websites.

Here’s the Weebly Infographic:

create a free website

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