How To Increase Weebly Website Loading Speed

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Increase speed of Weebly websiteThere are many ways to increase the loading speed of your Weebly website.  I would like to talk about one of these methods, which is images.  Images make up a large part of any website. If the website has only text, it will be very boring to look at. However, images take time to load, and when there are a lot of them on your site it will make your site very sluggish. So what to do?

First of all we should choose the right image format for the right job.  There three commonly used image format for websites:

  1. GIF
  2. JPEG
  3. PNG

GIF is the most website friendly, for it generates a much smaller image file than the other two formats. It is best used when the images do not have a lot of colors in it or is black and white. GIF has a very limited color pallet of 256 colors, which can make the image look spotty. Nevertheless, it is a good choice to increase loading time.

JPEG is a very commonly used image format. Since it support a color pallet of over 16 million shades, JPEG is often used in photo prints. The resolution and quality of the image generally is very good. It will not come as a surprise that JPEG file are much larger than GIF. Well, you will need to give up some loading time to get great quality.

Finally there is PNG, which have excellent color and flexibility. The best part about PNG is that you can create images without a background color, so it can take on any background you have. PNG creates pretty large files, so it is best used for smaller images such as logos and icons. One thing about PNG is that older browsers do not support them. But this doesn’t mean you should not use them. As technology progress and more people get newer computers, this will become less of an issue.

Choosing the right image format for the right job will greatly increase your website efficiency. In places where you do not need high quality images, you can use formats with small file sizes to achieve the same effect.

So what if you want to use high quality JPEG and PNG, but do not want to sacrifice on loading time?  This is where image compression comes in. There are a multitude of image compressors available online to help you control the size of your images. Smaller size equals faster loading time. I personally use yahoo smush it and to do the job. Well, there you have it: How to increase your Weebly website loading speed by managing your image efficiently.

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