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Did you know that Weebly has a tool for you to group or edit your Weebly navigation bar or menu bar? If you have a lot of different categories / pages in your website, your navigation or menu bar can get very cluttered, very quickly.

One thing that Weebly allows you to do is “group” the categories into a “More” category. This “More” group will appear at the very end of your Weebly navigation bar, and it will consolidate all your pages or categories that didn’t fit within the pre-set length of the navigation bar.

When you point your mouse cursor over the “More” group, all your other pages will show up.

However, you can actually turn this off if you want all your categories or pages to show up on your navigation bar. What this means is that Weebly will stack your menu bar to two or more layers so it can fit all the pages.

Some designers may not find this appealing, some may. But the option is there for you to choose.

We’ll show you in this Weebly tutorial video how to switch this option on and off. Try it out for yourself to see if you like it!

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7 Responses

  1. Alvin says:

    May I know how to make some of the Categories of the blog pages as Navigation Menu Item in Weebly? I don’t seem to be able to do it.

    • Hi Alvin,

      I think it’s possible. If you go to a particular category on your blog page, you will have a very unique URL for that specific category page. Then, go and create a new page in Weebly and you can choose to have the new page linked to an external URL. Use the URL of your category page there, so you are effectively creating a page link to the category page.

      Hope this helps!

      – Jeremy

  2. Azou says:

    is it possible to edit the “more…” text so i can write it in another language?

    • divtag says:

      Hey there – currently there isn’t a way to change the “more” text. But you can always request that ability from Weebly and they may provide that flexibility in the future!

  3. Robert says:

    I see that the menu system follows from page to page. Is there a way to not have that menu on a page but create its own menu?
    For instance, the Home page has the regular menu that is standard with weebly.
    A second page has a different menu than the Home page.

    • divtag says:

      Hi Robert – I don’t think this is possible with Weebly yet. Weebly sites only give you 1 single menu bar for your entire site.

      But you can try to do is manually create a second menu on specific pages. But it’s just basic stuff like adding a line of text, then hyperlink it to another page. It’s not the best solution, but an option to consider.

  4. Alejandro says:

    Thanks for the help

    I have a question Can I make my own menu ? i mean botton by botton